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Gordy Lindquist

"Gordy Eugene the Threshing Machine" has performed for more than 25 years at Norsk Høstfest. If you are not familiar with that name, what about "Crazy Fingers"? If you haven't heard Gordy Lindquist yet, you are missing out on a fantastic pianist!

His performance includes playing the piano upside down and in other uniquely unorthodox positions. Lindquist, who taught music at Dakota College at Bottineau (formerly MSU-Bottineau) for 33 years, has performed as a professional musician since 1959.

He began playing when he was 10. Due to his dexterity, he has been saddled with other nicknames such as Dizzy Fingers or Nimble Fingers but they all mean the same: his hands are a whir when he plays that piano!