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Renee & Karl

The Hunky Dory Scandinavian All-Stars play Old-Time Scandinavian music with only a hint of traditional nordic angst, and manage to remain entirely huggable the whole time.  We play traditional dance and folk tunes from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark: polkas, schottisches, ceremonial marches, and we never met a waltz we didn't like.  A variety of musicians will join our constellation.

Renee Vaughan formed the Hunky Dory Scandinavian All-Stars from a mound of lefse dough in 2012.  Renee plays nyckelharpa, more commonly known as a, "What is that?  It's a dulcimer, isn't it?"  She keeps the fellas in the band on their toes by randomly changing musical arrangements, mid-tune, for no discernible reason.  

Karl Lundeberg plays guitar with the stoic spirit of his Scandinavian ancestors. Karl's career in music, both as performer and composer,  has been met with critical acclaim. Since he was very young Karl has played with his family's century-old group, the Berntsons, together with his mother, uncle and other family members.


Mikkel Thompson will pop by for some tunes and get the groove going with his accordion or mouth harp, maybe even both at the same time.    Later in the week, Jon-Anders Persson will make a surprise appearance with his hardingar fiddle. Both Mikkel and Jon-Anders are dancers and can flawless execute David Lee Roth high leg kicks in 3/4 polska time.  

The Hunky Dory Scandinavian All-Stars, to paraphrase Florence Foster Jenkins, "People may say we can't play, but no one can ever say we didn't play.”