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Swedes In The Weeds

Swedes in the Weeds hail from Minneapolis, MN. They focus on sharing their love of Swedish fiddling through teaching fiddle, story telling, and bringing to life their music onstage.  They wear the traditional folk costume (dräkt), and the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis is home base to Swedes in the Weeds.  


Edwin Johnson immigrated from Sweden to Minnesota in 1924, and taught future generations of his family this music and craft. Swedes in the Weeds honors and thanks him. This culture of music is alive and thriving throughout many parts of the United States because of people like Edwin.



Kristen Niehaus is from Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.  As a young girl she learned this craft from the Lilla spelmanslag (young fiddlers) at the American Swedish Institute.  Kristen remembers her Swedish family and fond memories of friends made through this music.


Daniel Dahlin is a gifted fiddler who is the only American to win the Blånn-Olle stipendium.
This distinction was awarded him by the Rättviks Spelmanslag in Sweden.  As an young child, Daniel was soothed by the fiddling of these harmonious tunes played by his family.  


Jennifer Olsen learned this traditional music by playing with the Dahlin family for many years.  She also shares in honoring her Swedish roots through this traditional music.  Jennifer enjoys teaching fiddle, especially to children.


All three musicians have traveled and performed in Sweden on scholarships won from the American Swedish Institute's Spelmanslag.  Swedes in the Weeds makes their debut at Hostfest and wishes to thank the community in advance for inviting them. Whether your heritage has a spit of Swedish or not, sit back, relax, or get up and dance to this beautiful music!