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The Christmas Wish

Per Breiehagen, Lori Evert and Anja, the family behind the New York Times Bestseller, The Christmas Wish, invite you to their multi-media presentation of photography and videos of Norway and the creation of their book about a little Norwegian girl’s quest to find Santa, and the animals that help her on her journey.




The Christmas Wish, a New York Times Bestseller, is a fairy tale set in 18th-century Norway. Stunning photographs illustrate this story of a little girl who wishes to become one of Santa's Elves. She skis out alone, and with the help of a succession of friendly animals, finds Santa Claus and the true meaning of Christmas.


Lori Evert, the author of The Christmas Wish, was so inspired by Per’s photo of Anja with a reindeer that she wrote a narrative about who they might be and why they were together. Thus began the four-year family project that is The Christmas Wish. Lori loves writing and creating photos with her family for the Anja fairy tales, which include The Christmas Wish and two more books that will launch in 2015. 


When she is not traveling, playing outside with Anja or reading, Lori works as prop, set and wardrobe stylist for editorial and advertising photography.




Award-winning photographer, Per Breiehagen grew up in the small mountain town of Ål, Norway. Per spent his childhood exploring the dramatic landscapes near his home, and his appreciation for the wilderness is evident in his work. Assignments for clients like National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine andAudubon have brought Per to some of the most remote snow-and-ice covered regions in the world, including Antartica, Greenland and the North Pole. Anja’s love of the outdoors and winter is a great inspiration for Per.


Anja really is kind, adventuresome and a fabulous skier. She enjoys reading, singing, horseback riding, and playing with her friends and her big dog, Moby.