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Whiskey Talkin

About 17 years ago, a band comprised of Troy Brezden, Troy Rauschenberger, Paula Rauschenberger, Mark Haugen and Kevin Winsett played the Minot music scene in a rocking country group named "Crystal Creek". They played various venues, many special events in the Minot area, and opened for Diamond Rio at the North Dakota State Fair. Known as the Coors Light Band, they enjoyed popularity in the late 90's. Kevin moved back to Louisiana, Troy B. took his drumsticks to the Reckless Jefferson group, and Mark, Paula, and Troy all went into musical retirement. That was in the early 2000's, long before they met a kid named Zach Wiest, a Velva native who would cut his first licks with a popular country band named "Branded". Reckless Jefferson had played their last gig so Troy B. had not been involved in music for awhile (just long enough to miss it), Mark was active playing and singing in his church group and had played a few gigs with the Benno Brothers (and realized he too, missed playing gigs), and Paula and Troy R. had just played the finale with their most recent group, The Fossils, on New Year’s Eve of 2017. That night, Zach approached them with an offer they couldn't refuse--putting together a country rock band similar to Crystal Creek from 17 years before and guess who wanted to be a part of that? Troy B. and Mark were ready to hit the practice room and put a unique song list together with the name of the new group being"Whiskey Talkin". The rest is history and you'll find Whiskey Talkin out playing and harmonizing your favorite early 90‘s country tunes at this year’s Hostefest in Oslo Hall. The group’s popularity has grown quickly in the short six months they’ve been gigging and their Facebook page increases in fans daily just as their crowds continue to fill clubs... It must be the 'Whiskey Talkin', huh?