The proud heritage of Scandinavia is alive and on display at all the shopping booths to be found at Norsk Høstfest.  From the Clog Shop to the Import Shop to the Sølje Shop and the General Store, unique and fascinating stores are easily found in the International Marketplace.  Purchase silver jewelry, Norwegian sweaters, authentic Scandinavian gifts, fine arts, souvenirs, and much more.  The handcrafted items you'll find for sale are like the experiences you'll have at Høstfest: truly one-of-a-kind!



Shop Scandinavian

• Norsk Høstfest 2017 collector mugs (fourth in series)

• Høstfest-Opoly - a 40th Anniversary Edition

• Norsk Høstfest 40th Anniversary Cookbook

• Norwegian bunads & Sølje jewelry

• Finnish saunas

• Swedish clogs

• Ekelund linens

• Imported Norwegian sweaters & winter apparel

• Fine Norse jewelry

• Scandinavian books

• Viking helmets

• Stoneware pottery

• Swedish Dala horses

• Nordic art

• Handmade bow bread & hunting knives

• Norwegian perfume

• Scandinavian furniture

• Imported Scandinavian foods

• Rosemaling

• Tatting

• Stoneware pottery

• Wood carvings

• Spinning wool

• Høstfest souvenirs

• and much more!