Meet The Instructors


2017 instructors 

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Jay Haavik


Embracing his full Norwegian heritage, artist and woodcarver Jay Haavik specializes in works from the Viking Age. Currently, he spends a lot of time traveling back and forth from his home in Seattle to Tonsberg, Norway, where he is the lead carver working on a replica of the famous Oseberg Viking ship that is in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Other professional recognitions include designing and supervising construction of the Leif Erickson Memorial at Shilshoe Bay, working on the Borgund Stave Church in Oslo, being selected for a one person exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, and designing the Bergen Place granite plaque. He has also studied in Norway. When he isn't teaching at Høstfest, you will find him in the Viking Village demonstrating his expertise.



Kelsey Patton

Kelsey Patton operates her own business - Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle - where she sells yarn, wool, weaving supplies and historical costumes. She grew up on a small farm near the Swedish town of Stromsburg, NE, and began sewing for her dolls at age 6, learned to knit (incorrectly) at 8, began quilting at 9, crocheting at 10, sewing clothing at 12, and knitting (correctly, in the Scandinavian style) at 13. When Kelsey was 15, she and her mother bought their first Icelandic sheep and spinning wheel and a loom shortly after that. Since then, Kelsey has been spinning and weaving, sometimes in the traditional Scandinavian way and sometimes in fun, new, and modern ways. Her favorite method of spinning is with a traditional Viking Age spindle. She also enjoys weaving Scandinavian tablet-woven bands, used in many different folk costumes. She lives in Stromsburg, NE, with her husband Philip. 



Norma Refsal

Norma Refsal teaches classes in several locations with strong Scandinavian influences. She became familiar with Scandinavian folk arts and jewelry while living in Telemark, Norway, where her husband, Harley, was pursuing an advanced degree. In Sweden, they spent time north of the Arctic Circle where Norma became an admirer of the Sami people's traditional arts. She studied Art Metals at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, and has also studied with American and Norwegian artists at a variety of locations. Working in multiple mediums including metal, wood, leather, horn and bone, she incorporates color into her designs, using a variety of enameling techniques. She and her husband, Harley, work from a studio in their home at Decorah, IA.




Harley Refsal

For more than 30 years, Harley Refsal has taught various Scandinavian-inspired wood related classes lasting anywhere from a few hours to ongoing courses for several months. The King of Norway awarded Harley the St. Olav's Medal in recognition of Harley's role in reinvigorating and popularizing Scandinavian figure carving in both North America and Norway.  A Professor Emeritus in Scandinavian Folk Art at Luther College in Decorah, IA, Harley has exhibited and taught throughout North America as well in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. He lived in Norway on two different occasions, speaks fluent Norwegian and has traveled extensively throughout the Scandinavian countries. He is the author of several Scandinavian woodcarving books, is an Emeritus Member of the Caricature Carvers of America and was named Woodcarver of the Year in 2012 by Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine.