Scandinavian Youth Camp

Scandinavian Youth Camp is a two-day camp held the weekend prior to Høstfest both Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22-23, 2018. Camp is open to children in grades 2 - 12, and each camp and grade level has its own theme and costs $15 for the two-day event.


Children participating in the Scandinavian Youth Camp also perform at Høstfest in scheduled events such as the Troll Beauty Contest, Norwegian Folk Dancers, Swedish Maypole Dancers, and the Troll and Viking Parade.


Join in the fun of exploring Scandinavian culture through stories, songs, dance, and hands-on learning experiences!



2017 Past Camps (2018 camps will be posted in July)


Expert instructors are contracted to teach all sessions! 2018 Classes will be announced in July.


Swedish Dance & Song 

Grades 2-3



Did you know that Sweden is more than 4,000 miles away from Minot? It sure won't feel like it when you're in this camp! You'll master basic phrases in the Swedish language through games and songs, and dance traditional Swedish ring dances to the sound of an accordion. By the time camp ends, you will have your own Swedish headband and be set to perform in Stockholm Hall and on the Tromsø Hall stage during Norsk Høstfest.




Kubb & Scandinavian Games

Grades 2-4



Play the ancient throwing game of Kubb, try your hand at the Viking Sheep Toss, test your bravery and creep close to the Sleeping Bear. Second through fourth graders will play silly games from Sweden and learn some language too!





Drone Camp

Grades 5-8



Welcome to Drone Camp! Join SkySkopes Academy in becoming the next generation of drone operators! Learn how to safely operate a drone and discuss different aircraft and payloads. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic flight skills from expert pilots. SkySkopes is a professional drone flight operator that has been in North Dakota since 2014. They have partnered with several Scandinavian partners, including Norwegian drone manufacturer, Robot Aviation.  The SkySkopes Academy, a partner company to SkySkopes, offers world-class flight training to aspiring drone pilots.




Norwegian Dance Camp

Grades 4-8


This isn’t your boring ballroom waltz! A fun combination of culture, folk dance, grace, and music, Norwegian Dance is sure to make your toes tap. Mikkel Thompson and Ginny Lee will help you learn all the steps you need. Don’t worry - no experience necessary!





Minecraft Camp 

Presented by Gorilla Games

Grades 5-7


Join Gorilla Games for a fun, adventure-seeking camp. The Swedish game of Minecraft will not only test your computer skills, but in the camp you will work on your map building skills and team collaboration. Later, your group will compete to see whose map is the ultimate design to be featured at Norsk Høstfest.





Viking Camp

Grades 4-6


No matter what you might have heard, raiding and sailing were not the top Viking skills. In this camp, you'll learn about other historical Viking pastimes and crafts. How would you like to make a "Hnefetafal" game board, weave a belt, create a leather pouch, link together metal rings for chainmail armor and paint your own shield? Learn to do all of that and more at this camp! And at Høstfest, you'll demonstrate your skills at the Viking World encampment.




Troll Mask Making 

Grades 5-8


What are trolls? What role do they play in Scandinavian culture and myths? What better way to learn about trolls than to become a troll yourself? Camp leaders will help you make a custom-fit papier-mache mask from scratch and then you’ll learn to act, talk, dress and walk like a troll. You will get to wear your creations daily at Norsk Høstfest Troll Corner and parade and then participate in the Troll Beauty Pageant. It’s a sight to behold!




Lefse Making 

Grades 5-8


Learn how to make the World’s Best Lefse! Day one, learn how to craft this amazing dough followed by an afternoon of rolling Krumkaka. Day 2, you will learn to make lefse from the chilled dough you created the day before. Add some butter and sugar and you will have become a Lefse Making Master!





Papa Troll & Me Drawing Camp (NEW)

Grades 6-9


Do you like to create pictures? Do you like to tell stories? In this camp, you will draw unique pictures to tell Scandinavian tales.  You will use markers and colored pencils to create picture stories after listening to different tales that tell about trolls, princesses, and other Scandinavian characters. Come join the fun of drawing and telling tales. All drawing levels welcome!







Scandinavian Music Camp

Grades 8-12 ** Must have three years experience with your instrument


Please join us, Anders and Maria Larsson of Trio Larsson,  in the Scandinavian Music Camp. Together we will make beautiful and powerful arrangements of traditional tunes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. All instruments and vocalists are welcome but you must have at least three years experience on your instrument. Everyone who joins us at camp is invited to play on stage with Trio Larsson every evening at Norsk Høstfest.





Scandinavian Youth Camp Q&As

Where is the Scandinavian Youth Camp?

Camp is held at Magic City Campus, 1100 11th Ave SW, Minot ND.


When is the Scandinavian Youth Camp?

Saturday, Sept. 22, 1-4 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 23, 1-4:30 p.m. with a 3:30 p.m. performance and demonstration for your family and friends. Be sure to invite them!


How do I sign up?

Registration will not open until end of July. To sign up, simply register online at or order over the phone by calling (701) 852-2368. If you have any questions, please contact


Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Deb Sisco at (701) 240-3624 or email


I'm from out of town, can my child participate or is the camp just for Minot students?

Yes! Please sign up! Scandinavian Youth Camp is for everyone, no matter your location.