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Dale Morrison

Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame

Dale Morrison’s rise from childhood paper boy in North Dakota to presidency of one of the largest corporations in the world comes as no surprise, either to those who know him today or to those who “knew him when.” Friends and classmates will testify that even in his early years in Milton, ND (pop. 200), Morrison had the right mix of ambition, self-confidence, and determination that would serve him well, and current colleagues recognize his unique abilities that have helped him become President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company.

The Icelandic-American Morrison attributes much of his success to a childhood that dealt a particularly hard blow: his father was stricken with a debilitating muscular disease and was forced to sell the family farm. The experience planted in Morrison the strong sense of self- reliance and discipline he would use as a child, college student (University of North Dakota), and adult.

Morrison’s career included work for General Foods and Pepsico before he joined Campbell Soup Company in 1995 as president of one of its subsidiaries, Pepperidge Farm. He led a dramatic turnaround of the business in just 18 months and was named President of International and Specialty Foods and Senior Vice President of Campbell Soup Company. In July 1997, Morrison became President and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Soup Company.

Morrison’s remarkable success hasn’t changed his basic warm and unpretentious character. One friend and associate said, “If you were to meet Dale in a local coffee shop and sit next to him at the counter, you wouldn’t know, because he wouldn’t tell you, that he’s the CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations. He would be more interested in you as a person.”

On the job, Morrison encourages his workers to set “big, hairy, audacious goals.” It’s a corporate philosophy that has motivated thousands who have worked under his leadership in various jobs. And it’s the attitude that he’s used, whether delivering newspapers as a child or leading one of the nation’s biggest corporations, to become one of the state’s most inspiring success stories.