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Governor George A. Sinner

Høstfest Millenium Award

In honor of the turn of the century, the Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame awarded the “Høstfest Mellenium Award” to the state Governors who had given generously of their time and talents to help develop the great state of North Dakota during the past century.

Casselton, ND-native George A. Sinner served two terms as North Dakota governor, from 1985 through 1992. The Democrat’s tenure was the culmination of a long career in public service to the state that began in 1963 with election to the state senate. Following one four-year term there, he sat on the N.D. Board of Higher Education and, in 1982, returned to the state legislature, this time to the House of Representatives.

During Sinner’s years as governor, North Dakota faced itstoughest economic situation since the Great Depression.  Meeting the challenge, the Sinner administration successfully managed budget cuts and government reorganization.  Sinner gained national attention as a leader on issues ranging from agriculture to water usage, conservation, energy and the environment.

He was a prime mover in farm debt restructuring by federal agencies and was the leader of the 1988 drought relief legislation that saved many USfarms.

Following his terms in office, Sinner became Vice President for Public and Government Affairs for American Crystal Sugar Company.  Now retired, he speaks frequently around the nation on the urgent need for farmers to buy into the food chain by pursuing value- added projects.

Sinner and his wife, Jane, live in Fargo. They raised 10 children.