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Box 1347, Minot, ND 58702
See you in 2023
Work for Norsk hostfest

Norsk Høstfest is Hiring An Office Assistant 

If you are reading this, you’re either already thinking about how many Viking on a Stick treats you can eat without needing an angioplasty at next year’s event…  

– OR – 

You’re smiling as you fire up Google to learn what the heck that even means because you’re a need-to-know, let’s-figure-this-out kind of person who loves a challenge. 

Either one of those options is a great start for this clerical and customer-service role that supports North America’s largest Scandinavian festival! 

Liking people is another huge plus.

Still here? Phenomenal! Are you the person your friends come to for help or a hug? Can you organize things in your sleep? And how about keeping calm, collected, and positive in the midst of an office that hustles? 

Yes, yes, and yes? Skål!