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Endless Reasons to Attend – Urweg Jewelry and Due North Bakery

Can you believe there is only 76 days until the 44th annual Norsk Høstfest?! We are here to spotlight two vendors bringing some new items to this year’s festival – Urweg Nordic Tribal Jewelry and Due North Gluten Free Bakery! Read on to see why you’ve got to check out their booths.

Immerse yourself in the world of Nordic tribal jewelry at Urweg – a booth that always draws a crowd. Urweg was first invited by a friend to attend the Norsk Høstfest and they fell in love with it ever since. They now have been a part of Norsk Høstfest for many years – their daughter basically grew up there!

This talented metalsmith duo, Askjel and Birte, combine ancient and modern metalsmithing techniques to create stunning and rare handcrafted pieces that reflect Nordic Scandinavian Viking heritage pieces from the past to be taken into the future. Explore their collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, and be captivated by the unique designs they have to offer.

Urweg is a family run business from Corvallis, MT. Business started when they had a desire to portray their own heritage after being confronted with the heritage of Southwest Indians, so they started making pieces for themselves and people immediately took interest. Within a week, they had dozens of people wanting pieces and it took less than a year before it became their full-time job.

What’s unique about Urweg is that they are artists in the 21st century that craft their own pieces mostly by hand with some tools. The jewelry is crafted almost exclusively from sterling silver. Their pieces truly reflect the love they have for their culture, heritage, and traditions. And if you’re into history, you’ll have to check out the replica items from the Viking age that they will be bringing (ex: knife or drinking horn)!

They have new and different pieces each year but popular pieces for women are the bracelets and brooches for women while for men it is belt buckles and bowties. The Roscrea Brooch has been a popular and requested item at the Høstfest in years past!

For more information check out their website:

If you are gluten-free and are wondering if there will be options for you at Norsk Høstfest, look no further! Due North GF Bakery will be selling delectable baked goods with Scandinavian flare, showcasing their dedication to creating delicious treats for those seeking gluten-free alternatives. With their unique 7-blend flour that closely resembles all-purpose flour, they offer gluten-free options that perform remarkably well and taste amazing. Carmel rolls, monster cookies, and kugen are the most popular items they currently sell!

Due North GF Bakery has a very successful storefront in Hatton, ND and many are known to travel to buy their products. Make sure to get to their booth early, as they tend to sell quickly due to their popularity.

At the festival they will be selling kugen, bars, cookies, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, caramel and cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, muffins, mini muffins, quick breads (banana, rhubarb), energy bites (made with local honey to make healthier and taste better), Oreo bites and scotcheroos They even hope to offer wine jelly and gluten-free lefse at the festival this year! This is one booth you will be craving more from.

For more information check out their website:

The numerous Scandinavian products and offerings help reinforce why Høstfest is special and the only place to experience some of these vendors. Your general admission tickets will allow you to see numerous vendors, side stage entertainment, the Viking village, and more.

These are just two vendor booths that you will find on-site during the festival.

We will be showcasing 44 New Reasons for you to attend this year’s festival throughout the next few weeks! Mark your calendars for September 27-30th and get your tickets now!