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Media At The Festival


Media credentials are required for all members of the media. It is recommended that you submit your request a month prior to the festival, but no later than a week before the festival. Upon approval of your request, you will receive your media credentials in the mail along with a media pass into the festival. If you made your request the week before the festival, we will hold your credentials for pickup at the festival.

To submit a request for media credentials, simply fill out the Media Credential Request Form (click here to download) and submit it by email alexis@epiceventsnd.com or by mailing to: Norsk Høstfest / Att: Alexis Meyer / PO Box 1347 / Minot ND 58702



Your media pass gives you access to all public areas of Norsk Høstfest with the exception of the backstage area in the Great Hall and obvious areas such as kitchens, storerooms, etc. If you are found in a restricted area, you will be asked by security and staff to vacate the area and you must immediately comply.

Media is allowed in the Great Hall during a concert, but your media pass does not entitle you to a seat in the concert. Those seats are reserved for patrons who have purchased tickets. Because Norsk Høstfest relies on the exceptional skills of 4,000 volunteers, there are occasions when a volunteer has denied a media member access to an area, not realizing media members are entitled to Great Hall concert access. If you should encounter any problems, please contact a Media Chairperson (located in the media room) for assistance.

Norsk Høstfest reserves the right to revoke media credentials and deny access to the festival.



Please make sure to pick up a free Festival Guide which contains maps and locations of everything happening at the festival. You can pick up copies of the Festival Guide at the front door as you enter, in the Media Center, or at any Trinity Information Center.

Additional story ideas can be found in this guide or in the Norsk Høstfest 20-page tabloid. Tabloid copies will be available in the Media Center. Digital copies of the festival guide and tabloid will be available for download from our website a few weeks prior to the festival. You also can find press releases and festival news published in the “news” section of our website throughout the year.



Flash photography is NOT allowed in the Great Hall. However, it is allowed throughout the festival grounds. Please be considerate of our exhibitors and ask for permission before taking detailed photos of their work.



Entertainers in the Great Hall do not generally schedule press conferences and many of them do not do any type of news interviews during the festival because their time in Minot is short. If there is a Great Hall entertainer you wish to interview, contact Leann Mellum at least 3 weeks in advance so we can submit your request to entertainment management. You must provide your name, contact information, media name, media website and desired publication date of interview. This information will be submitted to the managment team and if an interview is granted, they will directly contact you to set up a time. You may be required to submit a list of approved interview questions in some cases. If the entertainer agrees to an interview during the festival, you will need to be escorted by a Media Chairperson the day of your interview to the backstage area.



Entertainers on the free stages are generally very open to media interviews, and you can approach them directly. Go to the stage where the performer is scheduled shortly before or after his/her performance and ask the stage manager at the curtained area by the stage if you can get an interview. The stage manager will ask the performer to speak to you and you can arrange an interview time with the performer. If you have a particular entertainer you wish to interview and are having problems with access during the festival, please contact a Media Chairperson.



Feel free to approach exhibitors directly, keeping in mind that their customers are their first priority. If you are doing an interview and a customer approaches, please take a break to allow them to meet the customer’s needs.