En To Tre



Welcome to En To Tre - a taste of Scandinavia. This one-of-a-kind fine dining restaurant is headed by world-class chefs from Norway.


Come experience a taste of Norway! Each day, En To Tre will serve a daily Norwegian menu at 11 am and 12:30 pm featuring Scandinavian entrees and dessert.


For a more stylish evening, try our 6-course Fine Dining at 5 p.m. Featuring a limited seating arrangement, you can indulge in a 6-course culinary adventure that includes Nordic delicacies such as smoked salmon, honey/sesame sauteed duck and other Scandinavian delights that will tickle your taste buds. 


Don't miss your chance to take part in the finest and most exclusive Norwegian dining experience this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your appetite and you will leave satisfied, guaranteed!



How much does it cost?
$27 for lunch (not including drinks) 

$59 for dinner (not including drinks)


What's on the menu?

Norway On A Plate Lunch Menu

En To Tre Fine Dining Dinner Menu


Does the restaurant get full?

En To Tre only has seating for 90 people and the evening dinner completely books every year. If you wish to dine with us in the evening, we highly encourage reservations to be secured in advance and not wait until festival time.


How do I make reservations?

Simply purchase your En To Tre tickets at hostfest.com or by calling (701) 852-2368. Your tickets purchased are the reservation to the restaurant (and payment for the meal itself). Please bring the tickets with you. 


Do my reservation tickets cover the cost of the meal?

Your ticket is the cost of the meal and tax. Alcoholic beverages and drinks are not included in the price of the ticket.