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Endless Reasons to Attend

Coffee Art

Duluth, MN

Andy and Angel are the artists. They loved going to certain coffee shops with artwork on the walls, so they asked to get on the schedule for artwork to be featured. This inspired the idea to experiment with coffee. They started to use coffee like watercolors for their medium. After presenting the idea of painting with coffee to an art show, Andy and Angel booked their first art show. They’ve continued to do coffee art and attend various shows for 20+ years now.

They’ve been to the Høstfest twice now. The first year they attended, they were in a fun spot in between stages, and they found the music and the visitors to be very inspirational. The second year they were placed with the artisans and loved all the talent surrounding them, which was very inspirational for their artwork as well. The Norsk Høstfest fits them, their style, and what they like to do. They’re excited to be coming back!

Coffee art paintings – original paintings and prints available. Live painting on site as well. They’ve done paintings for Starbucks, Jägermeister, Italian Coffee Association (traveled to Italy and various other places to display their artwork).

Their artwork featured at Norsk Høstfest will be Nordic inspired – their style and experience are what makes their painting technique unique. Andy and Angel look forward to interacting with Høstfest guests through their paintings, prints, live painting, displays, questions, and photo opportunities.

Scandinavian Hand Pies

Pekin, ND

Most of the year Esther has a food truck where she sells chocolates and candy. Her best product is her fudge truffles. Other popular items are caramels, turtles, caramel sauces, and fudge (fudge is all hand-made).

She’s been catering for nearly 15 years. She was at the Høstfest last year and really enjoyed the food as she was selling chocolates but realized nobody was selling pies, so she looked up ideas for Scandinavian hand pies to offer Hostfest guests this year.

Esther will be selling chocolates and a new Høstfest item – hand pies. She tries to source her ingredients (flour, sugar, berries, meat. etc.) locally.

Esther’s grandma immigrated here from Norway and knew the Norwegian language and cooked great Norwegian food. Her grandma used to take her to the Høstfest.

Urweg Nordic Tribal Jewelry

Corvallis, MT

Askjel and Birte’s family-run business started because of a desire to portray their own Nordic Spirit heritage. The family of artists have a foundry and metal smithing workshop on their homestead where the professionally hand-crafted jewelry pieces are beautifully created.

The rare, unique, handmade Scandinavian Viking and Celtic jewelry is crafted almost exclusively from sterling silver. They make pieces that reflect the love they have for their culture, heritage, and traditions. Women are drawn to bracelets and brooches while men like belt buckles and bowties. There is something new and different each year and the roscrea brooch has been a popular item at Høstfest.

Due North Gluten–Free Bakery

Hatton, ND

Kristi started an elimination diet (no gluten and dairy) because of her struggle for gluten-free foods. At the height of her frustration with the elimination diet of foods she couldn’t eat or couldn’t find, she remembers that all she wanted was pancakes, as that was a Saturday morning tradition. While changing her diet, she could only find food within her diet changes that were bad. One item she tried, her dog wouldn’t even eat it! One night she had a dream about 7 flours that needed to go into a GF bread and that is where the science of her recipe came from. When her granddaughter became diagnosed with celiac disease, her push to create these products began. In the middle of the pandemic, they started a farmers’ market, which gained attention. She decided to change her philosophy to pre-orders, which really started to take off by word of mouth. As their business started to become pretty well known, they decided to open a store in Hatton, ND, which has been very successful. They just got offered a contract by Cash Wise, who want them to provide for all 17 stores. With this contract, they are having to get new equipment that is bigger for this new adventure to keep up with the demand. They work with a lot of people who have autoimmune diseases, so she works with a local beekeeper by using their honey for healthy natural alternatives in her products.

Kristi had several people encourage her to sell her products at Høstfest so this year she’s bringing bars, cookies (monster cookies are a hit), hamburger buns, dinner rolls, caramel (fan favorite), and cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, muffins, mini muffins, quick breads (banana, rhubarb), energy bites (made with local honey to make healthier and taste better), Oreo bites, and scotcheroos. Normally gluten-free products are dense, gritty, and have an aftertaste but Kristi’s tasty foods do not. Kuchen – a popular item in the Minot area – will also be sold.

The Troll Jamboree: A Troll Storybook Seek ‘n’ Find Game

UFF DA! DU! Calling all Troll seekers & finders – we need your help! The Troll Jamboree is upon us and it’s time to get The Troll Band back together. The Trolls are hanging out all over HØSTFEST and we need YOU to find them and let them know – it’s time to jam!

You are on a mission from Thor – grab your passport, find all the trolls, collect all the stamps, and learn some fun facts about Scandinavia along the way. Ope – the best part – complete the mission and you will be entered to win a grand prize! Well, what are you waiting for!? GO SEEK ‘n’ FIND those TROLLS!

“The Troll Jamboree” is an interactive storybook seek ‘n’ find game – fun for the whole family! The game takes HØSTFEST goers on a journey searching for large cutout trolls hidden throughout the festival, unlocking a whimsical story AND the chance to win a grand prize!

Players pick up a passport book OR download our web app to use clues to seek and find the trolls, while collecting stamps and learning interesting facts about Scandinavian culture along the way.

Find all the trolls – collect all the stamps – win a prize! This hilarious and educational storybook game is the perfect way for the entire family to explore and enjoy HØSTFEST! Uff Dah! What are you waiting for – GO Seek ‘n’ Find those TROLLS!

Williston Games

Williston, ND

The Schatzis fell in love with modern board games in 2015 after they got married and felt the urge to open a store. In February 2021, they opened a store based out of their home and traveled to vendor shows to gain exposure. Last August, they opened a store in downtown Williston. Williston Games are unique as they focus on face-to-face time together rather than the use of electronics. Their store is unique as they focus on families and family-friendly games. At their booth, you will find various board games and game demos.

Schatzi attended the Høstfest for the first 17 out of 18 years of her life and loved going every year. They’ve only made it back to the Høstfest a couple of times in their adult years, but they figured it would be a good place to try for new business exposure. Her husband is just under 75% Norwegian, and she is also part Norwegian herself.

Williston Games will feature board games and Pokémon. Their biggest focus will be on a game called KLASK which is a game created by a Denmark native. The game is similar to air hockey and is their most popular game. The game takes about 60 seconds to learn and 5 minutes to play.

Waddington Brothers

The Waddington family (nine of them in all) spent many years touring the United States and Canada performing gospel music. Music has been in these men’s blood since early childhood. When Seth was 15 and the twins were 12, they played in the Frozen Fingers Bluegrass Festival in Minot with their sister Amanda playing the bass guitar. Since then, the brothers have performed at Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri, have been featured guests on the Dakota Air radio show on Prairie Public radio as well as performing for North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple’s inaugural ball in 2013.

Larsen Hardanger Fiddles

Brainerd, MN

Bud Larsen is a builder and demonstrator of Hardanger fiddles. He first learned how to build fiddles when he started working for Gunnar Gunnarsson Helland – a member of the Helland fiddle maker family from Norway. Over his career, Bud has built over 40 fiddles, with 11 more fiddles in the process of being made in North Dakota and Minnesota.

While visiting the booth, you will find a display of fiddles from Telemark, Norway, including their most wanted fiddles built by Gunnar Gunnarsson Helland himself!  You’ll also be able to take a look at the oldest Hardinger fiddle in existence. This fiddle was built in 1621 and will be set up again to be played and displayed at this year’s festival! Learn about his craft, take in the demonstrations, and embrace the Scandinavian culture that Bud Larsen has to share.

Memories of Home by Becky

Minot, ND

In the fall of 2011, Becky moved out to her farm. That following spring, she was excited to start her own garden, like she remembered having as a kid. After a couple of years of gardening and producing more produce than needed for herself, friends, and family, Becky decided to join Minot Farmers Market. She began making quick breads, jams, and jellies too. In 2016, Becky established her brand name – Memories of Home by Becky. She also joined Pride of Dakota, where she gained exposure at its trade shows.

Becky now has 15 types of jelly (chokecherry is a favorite), 12 different types of sweetbreads with lemon raspberry being a fan favorite, and Becky’s personal favorite! Her new items are pickles, asparagus, beans, and pickled eggs. The pickled eggs are now her bestselling product!

This will be her first year at Høstfest. The Høstfest is always something she wanted to do. Becky has a Norwegian heritage and remembers making lefse as a child with her family. She makes a lot of Norwegian heritage items as well – rosettes, lefse, krumkake.  She will be featuring her newest product, edible cookie dough (4 flavors), at this year’s festival.

Sweet Fleece

Mohall, ND

Sweet Fleece is run by Sam. The company’s name, Sweet Fleece, came from the basic farmer “can do anything” attitude as well as thinking about the forbidden wool of sheep on a farm as a kid. Everything about the company comes from being raised in rural ND on the farm.

Sam’s mom, Tricia, bought a toy cotton candy maker from a garage sale but it didn’t work since there was no sugar. Her 16-year-old daughter, Sam, decided to experiment and tried to make the machine work. Sam figured out the machine, sugars, and then came up with three flavors of cotton candy: root beer, lemonade, and coffee. She was invited to make cotton candy at a friend’s birthday using the toy candy makers and this was the start of a new venture for the 16-year-old.

After that youthful experience, Sam now has a food truck for her 32 flavors of cotton candy and was just featured in ND Horizons. The truck is covered in chalk paint so kids can color and decorate it. Her ability to nail the flavors is second to none. Sam will have new, unique flavors for sale at Høstfest.

This will be Sam’s first year at Høstfest! Her favorite flavor is root beer/root beer float. Fruit flavors are popular among kids and she offers sugar-free cotton candy as well!

Sannes Coffee Co.

Middle River, MN

Growing up with a family of coffee drinkers, Tracie decided to start roasting her own coffee. Her Norwegian heritage plays a role in the way she roasts her coffee. In Norway, the coffee is roasted much lighter but for a longer duration of time creating a more natural, crisp coffee taste.

Sannes Coffee Co is run by Tracie and her sisters, which is where the company’s name comes from. Sannes is their maiden name which is an ode to their father’s legacy and a way to carry on the last name.

Come check out Sannes Coffee Co and sample their 3 featured roasts. You also find K-Cups and Decaf options. It’s the only Norwegian Coffee brand roasted and offered in the U.S.!

Get ready for that cup of joe: Light roast is named Frokost, which means breakfast. The top selling medium roast is name Koselig, which means coziness and gives you a warm feeling to share with your family and friends. T dark roast is named Marka, which means rain, outdoorsy.

David Susag

Lanesboro, MN

David’s interest in Norwegian folk art started at a young age and has remained an interest since. He attended Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum for classes and eventually learned how to turn on spring pole lathes. Since learning, he has built his own lathes and forges his own tools. David’s goal is to replicate what would have been made one thousand years ago in the Viking age. Visit his booth to watch David’s demonstrations of spring pole lathe turning and see his one-of-a-kind products!

M&S Enterprises

Minot, ND

M&S Enterprises has been in business since 1982, although Mark has created crafts since 1975. M&S Enterprises has been a part of the Høstfest for 20 years. He loves attending and visiting with people. They have attended 1,000+ different shows featuring their products made from recycled materials in ND e.g. driftwood Santa Clauses, snowmen made from birchwood, charcuterie boards, hand turned vases/bowls, mushrooms, and new this year at the Høstfest are gnomes! To date, Mark has done over 60,000 turnings!

Everything he makes is handmade right here in Minot. Most materials are from ND promoting the theme of Recycle ND. His wife also makes sweaters and scarves from recycled material.


Classic and modern Norwegian clothing for the whole family! A family-owned business based out of a suburb of Seattle, WA. They import woolens from Scandinavia. Men’s, women’s, kids’ sweaters, plus activewear and fun hats (including the cutest Viking style hats in various colors, like purple and gold!!!).


Anchorage, AK

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Skogsbarn (which means forest children in Swedish) began out of a frustration for a limited supply of fun, designed enamelware for kids and adults to take on camping, hiking, skiing, and other adventures. Skogsbarn mugs are available in various sizes and designs, and are dishwasher safe. Also, check out the merino socks, Swedish dishcloths, tea towels, and paper napkins and serving trays! Website and facebook are full of great product pictures, and pics of smiling kids wearing the items!

Host Housing

The 44th annual Norsk Høstfest is slated for Sept. 27-30, 2023. Several festival guests need hosts for temporary festival housing.

Home housing hosts will benefit by creating lifelong friendships with artisans, vendors, and festival entertainers. Hosts are asked to provide a private bedroom and bathroom. Meals and transportation are not needed but appreciated. Housing is generally needed for 1-4 nights. The Høstfest office will match up guests with hosts according to availability and other criteria that the host specifies on the host family form. Hosts will receive free general admission to the festival.

For more information, contact Heather at the Høstfest office at 701.852.2368.

Bunad Show

The 44th Høstfest Bunad Parade and Show promises to be one of the best ever. Models will dawn their beautiful bunads for the guests to be in awe over. Each day the bunad modelers will parade at 10:45 a.m. through the festival halls, complete with fiddle and lur music, and land in Oslo Hall for the show. Detailed descriptions will be shared about each bunad and its significance.

School Field Trips: On the Scandi Hunt

Schools love to visit Høstfest because of the vast educational experiences readily available for teachers and their students. Schools are invited to explore everything “44th Norsk Høstfest” for as long as they wish. Students’ faces beam as they discover the Viking Village, watch the fiddlers play their fiddles, and interact with all things in the Familie Fjord Kids Zone.

Volunteers: Making it Happen

Who wouldn’t want to make new friends or hang out with a friend? Get in free? Get a discounted concert ticket? All of this and more while helping the Norsk Høstfest festival offer its 44th year to the world as the largest Scandinavian festival in North America. It’s the only place to be Sept. 27-30. Tasks that need helping hands include the Scandi Kitchen, ticket scanners, sellers for clothing and clogs, and waffle and spud hog chefs. Take your pick at your favorite task and shift and sign up today!

Oslo Chamber Choir

The Oslo Chamber Choir, made up of 24 professional singers and their director Håkon Nystedt (grandson of the Norwegian choral composer, Knut Nystedt) will be Artists in Residence at Minot State University. On September 29 at 12 p.m. in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall, they will present a free open rehearsal and masterclass with opportunities for MSU students and those attending to sing alongside them. They will discuss choral pedagogy, their commitment to Scandinavian folk music, and the music of the traditional choral repertoire. They will also be guests of Minot’s Norsk Høstfest on September 30. Finally, on October 1 they will present a full-length concert at 3 p.m. in Ann Nicole Nelson Hall before heading out on their Midwest concert tour.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

This is promising to be a crowd favorite! Koo Koo Kanga Roo was created by Bryan and Neil in 2008. They met four years prior as freshman at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN. After being in a campus rock band for the first few years of college, the guys created Koo Koo as an experimental project for SMU’s annual battle of the bands. The idea centered around crowd participation, comedy and dance music, stretching the concept of a what a “band” could be.

The next few years saw Bryan and Neil touring throughout the Midwest playing bars, basements and barbecues. Meanwhile they released their first few albums and music videos. In 2010 the band was chosen to support Orange County superhero rock band The Aquabats on their east coast tour. This turned into more support slots with Reel Big Fish and Yo Gabba Gabba Live. Meanwhile Koo Koo began creating “dance-a-long” videos (initially as something of a joke) for their songs to help demonstrate the moves that audiences would need to know at their shows. These videos were unexpectedly a hit with elementary school teachers, which led Koo Koo into the world of children’s music and becoming a “real” kid’s band.

Sondre Norheim

A special wreath laying event is always a highlight pre-Norsk Høstfest. Special guests and community members travel to Norway Lutheran Church, out near Denbigh ND, to pay their respects to Sondre Norheim who invented the ski binding. This event will take place on Tuesday, September 26th. More detailed information will be coming.

Scandi Souvenir Shop

Check out our Scandi Souvenir Shop where you can find a variety of items to browse and shop! Anywhere from adult and youth clothing, to mugs, stickers, blankets, and more. We will be featuring sweatshirts, quarter zips, t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatpants ranging in sizes XS-3XL. You can find socks, notebooks, magnets, and Dala Horses too! Visit the shops on Joy Street and in Stockholm Hall to take home some Norsk Høstfest souvenirs that suit your style best!

Shuttle, Busing, Parking

Transportation: We got you covered!

Back this year there is free parking in the east parking lot. Shuttle services will run to and from the event center to the east parking lot and the RV camping lot. Be sure to watch for helpful signs around the area so you can hitch a ride!

Minot City Transit (Handicap Accessible): Purchase a $5.00 all-day ticket to ride the Minot City Transit bus to and from the Norsk Høstfest! The bus will be running daily, starting at 8:00 AM and will depart from the arena at the top of each hour. Check out the flyers below to find your stop on the bus route!

Lutefisk Eating Contest

ATTENTION LUTEFISK LOVERS!!! We invite you to sign up for a competition to see who can finish 1 lb. of Lutefisk first! Each day, 5 contestants compete, filling their mouths full of this famous Nordic dish. Are you ready to step up to the plate? Sign up will open soon.