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Jenta O'Ja

Jenta O’ Ja (Girl and I) Char Bostrom and Art Bjorngjeld are musicians from the Twin Cities of Minnesota who have been playing together for Scandinavian dances since the early 1990s. Char has a passion for Swedish polska music and is highly sought after to provide music for dance instruction workshops. Art grew up in a musical family with roots in Norway and North Dakota, and is a long time member of LeRoy Larson’s Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble.


Both Char and Art perform with Ole Olson’s Oldtime Orkestra (OOOO). As a duo, they play a variety of Scandinavian dance music. They love to explore the older and less well known dance forms within the Scandinavian tradition, but their performances always include a generous helping of the newer “gammaldans” tunes, waltz, polka, and schottische. If JENTA O’ JA inspires you to grab your partner and take to the dance floor, please don’t be shy. That’s really what it is all about.