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JMB Band

The J-M-B Band was a variety band made up of Jerry Schlag on accordion and Rod Renaud on bass. Jerry is member of the Dakota Musicians Association Hall of Fame in Aberdeen, S.D. This past year Myron turned 88 years old and decided to retire. This band is now down to Rod and me. Rod and I do some duos and I do some solo work. We have performed in many night clubs and restaurands, the North Dakota State Fair, Norsk Hostfest, Frozen Finger Festival, Crosby threshing show and the Crosby Lutefest, Germanfest in Fargo and many Arts In The Parks in North Dakota. Jerry and Rod have had gigs on Amtrak and other places. Jerry still performs monthly for the nOrthwest Polkateers in Minot. J-M-B Band has recorded 12 CDs and currently has nine for sale.


Jerry has given lessons to about 20 people over the past 14 years. Most of them are still playing the accordion. Some have move away to do other things and some are in still in college. We play a variety of Waltz, Polka, old standards, country western and gospel.