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Renee, Karl & Loretta

Renee, Karl and Loretta share an affinity for Scandinavian music and have created their own unique sound that is firmly rooted in tradition.

Renee plays nyckelharpa, a rustic and earthy traditional Scandinavian instrument that dates back to the 1300s, with a wide variety of musical constellations. She is a regular at the American Swedish Institute, Høstfest and Nisswa-Stämmän Scandinavian music festival. When not playing music, Renee paints in the traditional Swedish folk style of dalmålning.

Karl’s career in music as performer, composer and as a CBS/Sony recording artist has been met with critical acclaim. While Karl generally works on the coasts, Los Angeles and New York, he inherited solid Midwestern Scandinavian musical roots from his mother, who played in their family band near Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Loretta Kelley is the foremost American performer on the hardingfele, an intricately decorated fiddle native to Norway with sympathetic strings, a nearly flat bridge, and a 300-year unbroken aural tradition. Since then she has made nearly twenty trips to Norway to study with masters of this unique local instrument.