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Høstfest University

Høstfest University offers a unique hands-on learning opportunity. Accomplished instructors well recognized in their areas of expertise teach Scandinavian folk art classes such as rosemaling, wood carving, jewelry design, fiber arts and more. Instructors share their skills in a small group classroom setting where you receive personalized assistance and complete a project to take home.

Master Instructors teach more unique, complex classes but with projects suitable for beginners. These instructors are highly qualified and the teacher-student ratio is lower to allow for more individual assistance. All classes are limited in size by the instructor to maintain a supportive teaching environment but class sizes and feesvary based on complexity of the art form and costs of materials and tools. All classes are open to beginners and many instructors supply necessary tools. That way, participants have opportunity to try a craft before making an investment in tools.  Choose from more than 20 classes offered Wednesday through Saturday.

REMINDER – ADMISSION: General admission is required for admission into the festival and to get to any HU class, but you will be able to enjoy all day at Norsk Høstfest. If you have a concert ticket for the day of your HU class, remember that you will get complimentary general admission with your concert ticket.


Pre-registration guarantees you a spot and saves you money! Also, the majority of classes last year were sold out by the time the festival opened. So pre-registration is the best way to take advantage of this opportunity! When you pre-register, you also will need to purchase general admission for the day, or have a concert ticket (that comes with complimentary general admission).


Høstfest University is located in Oslo Hall. Please stop by our booth or ticket office during the festival to find out what classes  may still have openings as often classes are sold out prior to the event. Classrooms are located on an upper level of Oslo Hall. Escort access will be arranged for participants with mobility issues. If stairs are a barrier for you, please indicate that need when you register. Høstfest University is designed for adult participants, but we encourage families learning together. Young people 15 and older are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian.



A Swedish Love Token • $75

Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Wednesday, Sept 25

Instructor: Sidonka Wadina

Location: Høstfest University, Oslo Hall

This sweet little Love Token is an unspoken symbol of your love. An easy, fun project to make for a wedding or special gift when words are not enough to show how much you care. Come share the love with Sidonka as you create this magical little token.

Materials Fee: $10; students will pay materials fee to instructor upon arrival at class. Please arrive 15 minutes early.


A Norwegian Harvest Favor • $75

Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, Thursday, Sept 26

Instructor: Sidonka Wadina

Location: Høstfest University, Oslo Hall

Sidonka will talk about the tradition and history of Harvest Favors. The three straw catfoot and six straw fill-the-gap plaits will be taught using wheat straws with seed heads. The energy rays added to the symbol add power and strength to finish this pretty harvest piece.

Materials Fee: $10; students will pay materials fee to instructor upon arrival at class. Please arrive 15 minutes early.