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Danish Music: Kristian Bugge and Sonnich Lydom

Kristian Bugge and Sonnich Lydom are the group Gangspil. They have performed at Norsk Høstfest and as two of the first twelve musicians to receive the honorary title ”Danmarks Rigsspillemænd” (National Danish Folk Musicians), they represent the best of Danish folk music. These lively musicians perform old dance tunes and songs from every corner of their Scandinavian home country: from rural islands like Læsø to the metropolis of Copenhagen and even a few of their own compositions. Expect everything from wild polkas and jigs to lyrical waltzes, fiery reels and happy hopsas, plus the exotic “Sønderhoning” dance tunes from the famous Island of Fanø, and long forgotten songs from all over the country. In November 2016 Gangspil received a Danish Music Award (Danish ‘Grammy’), in the category of “Traditional Danish Band of the Year”. Kristian was awarded “Musician/Instrumentalist of the Year” that same year.

Video of Sonnich and Kristian touring and talking about Sonnich’s home seaside city of Dragør.

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Kristian’s tour of Denmark playing a different tune in a different place in Denmark each day in June of 2020
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Gangspil songs in Danish:

The Miller’s Daughter

The Fox’s Song