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Maria & Anders Larsson with Family

Swedish Music with Instructions

Maria and Anders Larsson have come to Norsk Høstfest two times and participated in both Høstfest in the Schools and Scandinavian Youth Camp, bringing their considerable teaching experience and dynamic performances to both programs. They have performed in over twenty-five countries around the world and toured in the Midwest several times in the past twenty years. They have also been guest artists in residence at Sjölunden, Concordia College’s Swedish language camp, in Bemidji, Minnesota. In their video for this project they are joined by their two children, Olaf and Ingrid who have been performing with their parents since they were very young. The Larssons live in Malmö, in southern Sweden, where they work for the music organization Musik i Syd, performing and arranging tours and festivals for other musicians.

Live video of Trio Larsson performing at Norsk Høsfest in the fall of 2018.

Anders and Maria Larsson did an appearance on Public Television in 2018—here is the facebook page for TPT Public Television in St. Paul, Minnesota

Anders singing unaccompanied dance tunes.

Anders and Maria Larsson also play with Johannes Mayr of Germany in a group called Trio Larsson Mayr.

Live video from a performance by Trio Larsson Mayr in 2017 at  that showcases several pieces from that repertoire: