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Paul & Mary

Scandinavian Music

Paul Wilson and Mary Abendroth first started coming to Norsk Høstfest in 1987 as crafters and strolling musicians. From 1992 on they have played music with a variety of groups on almost every stage and corner of the festival. In 1999 they joined the Høstfest in the Schools program performing in schools and teaching Scandinavian dances to children all over Minot. They also pioneered expanding the program to include senior centers. As directors of one of the most successful Scandinavian festivals in America, the Nisswa-stämman, they have also helped many musicians get connected with Norsk Høstfest.

Below are some links to various sites that are full of a great variety of Scandinavian music performances and information that are well worth exploring. Don’t miss the pages dedicated to Paul’s “drone” style fiddles that he builds that are included on the Skalmundo web site, or Mary’s Etsy page where she sells her beautiful knitted hats.

Paul & Mary’s web site with further links to all of their Scandinavian activities.

Paul & Mary’s webpage with promo photo and extended biography.

Virtual Nisswa-stämman festival concert that Paul & Mary direct every year: