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Valorie Arrowsmith

Swedish language lessons and songs.

 Valorie Arrowsmith taught for many years as part of both Hostfest in the Schools and Scandinavian Youth Camp in Minot. She works with many Nordic groups assisting children and adults on their journey to learn more about their culture and heritage through language and culture day camps, concerts, Nordic touring group arrangements, host home opportunities, school residencies, worship services and traditional festivals such as Swedish Midsummer and Norwegian St. Knut’s Day. She is a cultural teacher and brings language and culture day camps to many communities. She believes in life-long learning and started several adult Nordic language study circles in East Central Minnesota. Currently she is studying Finnish and Norwegian.

Powerpoint that goes with all of the lessons.

Val’s daughter Josie and her two kids help you learn Swedish with these online lessons:

Var är hunden Här är jag/Where is the dog? Here I am.


Klappa händerna så fort man kan/Clap as fast as you can

Höger Vänster/Right Left

Directional Words

Val talks about celebrating Swedish Midsommar

Val loves to spend her summers teaching at Concordia Languages Swedish Camp: Sjölunden

Article about the work that Val does as an educator

Valorie Arrowsmith suggestions to teachers on how best to use her Swedish language lessons.