Miss Norsk Høstfest

Miss Norsk Høstfest is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends while celebrating her Scandinavian heritage.


Miss Norsk Høstfest is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends while celebrating your Scandinavian heritage. Candidates must meet specific qualifications in order to be considered for the Miss Norsk Høstfest title. Judges will be looking for someone with a friendly personality who is eager to meet the public (particularly Norsk Høstfest patrons), an articulate speaker willing to give interviews, and interested in Scandinavian heritage. Miss Norsk Høstfest candidates will be required to compete in an interview round. Shall the Miss Norsk Høstfest title winner desire to move on to compete at the state level, guidance and prep will be given by the Miss Norsk Høstfest Pageant team.

The Miss Norsk Høstfest title winner will receive a $750 academic scholarship, a spot in the Miss North Dakota pageant (if she so desires to compete further), a Norsk Høstfest gift pack (Troentorp Swedish clogs, Platinum tickets to Great Hall of the Vikings concerts), and the ultimate award - the crown & title of Miss Norsk Høstfest 2019!


2019 applications are now open. Apply now!




Miss Norsk Høstfest 2018


Sometimes, jumping in quickly can be the best decision you ever make. That’s definitely the case for Miss Norsk Høstfest 2018, Lily Bonebrake. Just a few weeks before competition, Lily’s mom was watching the news and heard that the Miss Norsk Høstfest pageant was looking for more participants and the winner would receive a scholarship. Never one to turn down an opportunity to earn more funding for higher education, Lily signed up right away.

Since it was short notice, Lily didn’t have much time to prepare for the Miss Norsk Høstfest pageant competition. Thankfully, the competition is designed to focus on personality, interview skills and heritage, so Lily only needed her natural charm to shine through and clinch the title. “I was really surprised I won,” said Lily. “But it was a really good experience for me to do the interview and work through my nervousness.”

With two great-grandparents who were Norwegian and one who was Swedish, Lily’s Scandinavian blood runs deep. She tells stories of making homemade lefse with her grandma throughout her childhood. She’s attended Norsk Høstfest over the years, and is most excited to get to know all the people at the festival this year, especially the kids.

Lily love for children is apparent. When she isn’t in school or sports, Lily dedicates time as a CLC teacher at Washington Elementary. “The best part of working at CLC is getting to hang out with 2nd graders every day, being silly and having fun.”

Currently a senior at Minot High School, Lily plans to put her scholarship to use next year when she enrolls in college to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a NICU nurse. While she hasn’t officially committed to a university, she’s planning to attend either Minot State University or the University of North Dakota. This year, she’s finishing her senior year strong. Lily is an active member of the Student Council and the Renaissance Club at Minot High School. She’s been playing hockey nearly from the moment she could stand on ice, and currently plays on the Majettes girls hockey team.

This year marks a special year for Miss Norsk Høstfest. Even though the festival started in 1978, this year marks the 40th Miss Norsk Høstfest title holder as the program began in 1979. If you see Lily at the festival, make sure to say “hi!”
A special thanks to our 2018 Miss Norsk Høstfest sponsors