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NOTE: All persons and belongings subject to search. NO weapons are allowed. All bags will be searched at public entries.

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General Questions

September 28 – October 1, 2022

Festival doors open at 12 pm on Wednesday, September 28th, and 9 am Thursday – Saturday.  All halls stay open until 8 pm, with food and drink halls having the option to stay open until midnight.

The festival is located at 2005 E Burdick Expy, Minot ND 58701. Click here to view a map and get directions.

Norsk Høstfest does not allow smoking anywhere on the fairgrounds.  In order to smoke, you will be required to leave the festival and go to a designated smoking area.

Ticket Questions

The Dala Day Pass and Nordic Night Pass are one ticket that you use each day.  This way, you only need to keep track of a single ticket!

We have already announced our lineup! Check them out in the entertainment tab.

Concerts for the side stages are also announced.  Stay up to date by signing up for the newsletter!

Ticket prices range from $39 for Opening Ceremony, $55-$69 for the afternoon shows, and $69-$99 for the evening shows. The Dala Day Pass, which gives you access to all four 1 pm shows, is available for $149.  The Nordic Night Pass, which gives you access to all four 8pm concerts, is available for $299.

All tickets to this years festival will include admission to one Great Hall concert!

A Kids day pass (kids 12 and under) can be purchased for $5 at the door only.

A Military ticket for the Opening Ceremony can be purchased for $10. With a Military ID, this ticket can be purchased in advance at the box office or on the day of Opening Ceremonies at the door.

Tickets are on sale now! Ticket sales began on April 15 and can be bought through the day of the event.

I.e. A 1 p.m. ticket to Daniel O’Donnell can be purchased after the concert has completed.

Yes. Ticket fees are put in place by the ticketing company. Ticket fees are $4.00 per each show.

The ticketing company puts these fees into place.

You can find ticket pricing information here.

All tickets are taxable under North Dakota State Law except RV camping.

Nosebleed seats? Not in this arena! We have excellent seats, no matter where you sit! No matter where you sit, you will have great visibility to the stage. We also put up large screens on both sides of the stage which really make you feel right in the action. Every year, we have people who request sets in the very back row of Section 1A, and those who want the very front row in Sec. 21. No matter your seat, you are bound to enjoy the show.

We offer ticket packages for the 1pm shows and the 8pm shows. These packages are priced at a discount. You can find ticket information here.

Children 2 and under are more than welcome to attend without a ticket but must sit on a guardian’s lap during the duration of the concert. Please keep in mind that strollers are not allowed in the Great Hall of the Vikings.

It does not cost anything additional! Guests simply need to be admitted into the festival to enjoy all of the side stage entertainment.

You may exchange your ticket at Norsk Høstfests ONLY if you are UPGRADING to a higher priced ticket. This can only be done at the Service Desk window. You may switch to another concert as long as the change happens 24 hours in advance of the concert you are not attending.

Norsk Høstfest does not allow ticket refunds. You may purchase ticket insurance. Norsk Høstfest does not sell insurance on tickets nor does it endorse the procedure and/or company that sells insurance. Insurance is offered through a third party company.

Typically, Norsk Høstfest does not allow ticket refunds. However, in the event a refund is allowed due to duplicate orders, fees will be nonrefundable.

Yes, your tickets can be reprinted UNTIL they have been redeemed. Once a ticket has been scanned, it can no longer be reprinted. All reprinted orders are subject to a $5 reprint fee.

Norsk Høstfest does not sell insurance on tickets nor does it endorse the procedure and/or company that sells insurance. Insurance is offered through a third party company.

parking and stay Questions

Norsk Høstfest is located on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds, which has a large parking lot to the East side of the grounds, accessible from County Road 19 (27th St SE). Parking is $5 and includes shuttles that will take you from the parking lot to the doors of Norsk Høstfest.

We sure do! You can stay on the festival grounds. Norsk Høstfest can accommodate over 1,000 RVs at our grounds and offer an RV hospitality center for our campers. You may purchase your camping pass today by filling out the application online at

From Burdick Expressway, go north on 27th St NE, then left (west) on 4th Ave NE. Enter the grounds at gate A, follow signs to the RV hospitality check-in. There you will pick up your pre-paid parking packet and a parking lot attendant will show you to your RV space.

Sure we can! Minot has many new hotels built in the last couple of years and Visit Minot has created an amazing database of hotels available during Norsk Høstfest. Simply click here to find a room! Or, you are more than welcome to bring an RV or tent and camp right at the festival!

Pets are not allowed inside Norsk Høstfest due to allergies, sensitivities and overall safety of our guests — and even the safety of your pet!  Norsk Høstfest complies with ADA law and trained service animals are permitted to perform their duties. Please note: Emotional Support animals are not protected by ADA law and will not be allowed inside Norsk Høstfest as they are not a certified trained service animal. Service animals are required to be checked in with Norsk Høstfest security before entering the festival and must be on leashes at all times and must be visibly marked as a service animal by wearing a designated collar, vest or harness.

Pets traveling with RVers are most welcome, but we ask that you come with a leash and a pooper scooper. It also is a great idea to have your pet wear a collar with identification tags and an emergency contact number (cell phone) during the course of your stay in case your pet gets lost. Please always leave your pet inside your RV and NOT your car when attending the festival.