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Guest Services

Guest Services

If you lose something during the festival, stop by the Operations Office on Joy Street. You’ll be asked your name and contact information, along with a description of your lost article. Should your item be found Norsk Høstfest will contact you and make arrangements to return it to you. If necessary, a phone call to our office (701-852-2368) can be placed after the festival to check the status of lost articles.

Norsk Høstfest has a limited number of wheelchairs available for guests at the festival, courtesy of Sanfor Health HealthCare Accessories. These wheelchairs are available for use on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved before the festival. The wheelchairs can be checked out free of charge at the wheelchair booth, located by the main staircase on Chester Avenue. A deposit will be required-either a driver’s license or $40 (this is up to the individual using the wheelchair). Upon return of the chair, the driver’s license will be returned or the $40 refunded. Scooters may be rented from Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories. Information regarding pricing/delivery/pickup arrangements is available by calling Sanford at (701) 852-4110 or (800) 876-2179.

Three ATMs are located at the festival. They are located on Chester Avenue, Joy Street & Millenium Hall.

Bremer Bank maintains a service bank on Joy Street, next to the operations office. Check cashing and currency exchange are two of their services. All currency spent at the festival must be in US Dollar funds.

A wristband is required for re-entry to the festival.

Guests are not permitted to bring any outside food or beverages into Norsk Høstfest. Containers including bottles, cans, thermos bottles and plastic coolers are not permitted for the safety and protection of our guests.

Festival doors open at 7:30 a.m. every morning with breakfast and hot coffee served in the sidewalk cafes. Free entertainment, activities and shopping run from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Norsk Høstfest is committed to providing a fun, family atmosphere at the festival. If someone is interfering with your enjoyment, please contact a Norsk Høstfest volunteer or alert the operations office.

To protect your investment it is recommended that you purchase tickets only from Norsk Høstfest, by phone or online (www.hostfest.com) Tickets purchased through other channels may be lost, stolen or counterfeit. Norsk Høstfest does not assume any responsibility for replacement or reimbursement of any such tickets.

The following are general rules of camera use and are subject to change at any time based on a specific request from the event promoter. The Great Hall of the Vikings event producer reserves the right to deny camera use at any time during the event and to prohibit the use of any camera that is deemed unacceptable. Video recorders or digital cameras with recording capabilities are prohibited at any time during a Great Hall of the Vikings concert. The event producer reserves the right to examine and prohibit use of any camera that staff deem unacceptable. Audio recorders are not allowed at any time. The use of cellular phones and pagers is permitted provided they do not interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the event.

If you need medical aid, please go to one of the Trinity Information Booths, the First Aid Station on Bjøro Blvd., or the Operations Office for assistance.

An elevator for transport to the Skien Mezzanine level is available on Chester Avenue, next to the concession stand.

Making Norsk Høstfest accessible friendly for our guests with disabilities is an ongoing commitment. In our efforts to improve accessibility we welcome all comments and suggestions. Electrical outlets are available for recharging wheelchairs and other medical equipment. Contact the Operations Office for assistance. Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted at Norsk Høstfest and must remain on a leash or harness at all times.

Trinity Health maintains two information booths; ready to answer all your questions that may arise. They also offer minor health aids such as pain relievers, antacids, etc. They are also in direct communication with the medical/first aid station.

Vehicle entry to parking is on 27th St NE, north of Burdick Expressway. Once in the lot, volunteers will help you locate a parking spot, just follow their directions. Parking is free and our complimetary shuttle buses that will pick you up and deliver you to the festival, returning you to your car lot the same way.