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Høstfest-Opoly Christmas Sale: $25 ($34)
This limited edition t-shirt lists EVERY entertainer who has performed in the 40 years of Norsk Høstfest. Includes Great Hall and Side Stage performers.
CLOSE OUT - 40 Years Of Entertainment T-Shirt - ADULT $30
Pepperkaker Tin (Ginger Cookies) $25   


Høstfest Lapel Pins


Wooden Dala Horse Ornament - $10


40th Anniversary Round Ornament (Plastic)


Dala Horse Mug - $12

40th Anniversary Pottery Mug - $22
Fourth in series
Reindeer White                                        Sweater Red
Wrapping paper colors

The Reindeer Wish 104 Piece Puzzle - $17

Canned Puffin - $12

Flags Longsleeve Tshirt with Hoodie - Adult

Ski Poles Ladies Terry Sweatshirt


Troll T-Shirt - Adult


Troll T-Shirt - Youth

5 Flags Stocking Cap


Horsin Around Onsie - SIZE


Reindeer Born To Wander Onsie - SIZE


ND Dala Horse


Dala Hobby Horse - Handmade in Minot, ND

Lutefisk Lip Balm (Vanilla Bean Flavored) - SOLD OUT

NH 1978 Crest
















NH Scroll Sweatshirt

CLOSEOUT - Lightweight Snowflake Sweatshirt


NH Viking Circle Hoodie 

Norwegian Girls Are Best Tshirt
NH Viking Badge Full Zip