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Kyle and Dave have been delighting audiences for over two decades with their upbeat blend of Scandinavian music, humor, and storytelling. Past credits include Midsommar Music Festival (Bishop Hilll, IL), Nordic Fest (Decorah, IA), Norsk Høstfest (Minot, ND), Norwegian National League Parade (Chicago, IL), and Scandinavian Day (Vasa Park, IL).

Kyle Elsbernd
Originally from Decorah, IA, Kyle studied Norwegian in high school and college and won a grant from the Norwegian government for a year’s study abroad in Norway. There he began translating the music of Norwegian folk musician Lillebjørn Nilsen, whose traditional and modern songs form the basis of this show.

David Kirkeby
Also a native of Decorah, IA, Dave returned to the Midwest after two decades in sunny Arizona. A master guitarist, Dave is thrilled to join his old band mate in a celebration of Scandinavian music and culture.
The Norwegian Bachelor Farmers will be performing in Reykjavik Hall Wednesday and Thursday Morning and will also be performing in Oslo Hall Thursday Afternoon thru Saturday afternoon.

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Upper Fjord Stage