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Scandi Ski Fantasy

Students with Rinat Mouzafarov’s Institute of Dance & Ballet Theatre will be performing on the Oslo Hall stage during all four days of Norsk Høstfest!

Mouzafarov’s dancers have a long history with Hostfest, having performed at the festival since 1995. Their Ski Fantasy performance has been a popular part of Hostfest entertainment, and the dance will be back as part of a larger showcase by the institute this year.

Institute dancers, ages 3 and older.Over the years, Mouzafarov has worked with dancers who have come to Hostfest from Norway to perfect the Scandinavian folk dance techniques used in his choreography with his students.

Mouzafarov said dance is part of the Scandinavian heritage that Hostfest offers, and it is important to teach that heritage to younger generations.

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Oslo Hall