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Swedish Songs, Games, and Instruments

Ross Sutter and Gretchen Jones have worked together at Norsk Høstfest for many years taking part in the Høstfest in the Schools program and also the Scandinavian Youth Camp. Come and join Ross and Gretchen to learn some fun Swedish songs and games. Maybe we can even get mom and dad, grandpa and grandma up to do a dance with us?



Ross Sutter

Ross Sutter is best known as a singer of Scandinavian, Scottish, and Irish songs, and for his wide repertoire of American traditional and popular songs.   He accompanies himself on guitar, dulcimer, button accordion, and bodhran (the Irish goat-skin drum).  He has performed at numerous venues throughout the region and beyond, from concert halls to libraries and schools, from outdoor festivals to senior centers, and has appeared on “A Prairie Home Companion.” His music is featured on the recordings Walking on Air, Up the Raw, Songs by Heart, Over the Water, and many others, including his popular children’s CD, Mama Will You Buy Me A Banana.






Gretchen Jones

Gretchen Jones first started coming to Høstfest in September 2017.  She teaches Swedish Language during the week of Høstfest in the schools and works with Ross Sutter assisting with teaching Swedish songs and dances at the festival.  Gretchen first traveled to Sweden on a year long  highschool student exchange program where she lived with a family in Trollhättan and attended the local gymnasium, highschool.  Now, after more than thirty-eight years filled with countless trips and many more months Gretchen has both a Swedish and an American family.

Gretchen has also been on staff at Concordia Swedish Language Village, Sjölunden where she has taught Weaving and Language.

Gretchen currently works at the Naval Academy Primary School in Annapolis, Maryland.

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Skien Mezzanine (Kid’s Stage)