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Tidløs is a Norwegian band that was established in 2009. The band has released 3 albums, 1 EP and several singles during these years. The band is now working in the studio with their fourth album, which will be released this autumn. Tidløs has toured and played concerts in all parts of Norway, in addition to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and the USA.

This autumn, the band will be on their fourth US tour. The destinations this time are New London/Norway Lake (MN), Minot (ND), Rapid City (SD), Sioux Falls (SD), and Minneapolis (MN). In the past, Denver, Bismarck, and Dickinson have also been on their tour list. The group most often performs in Norwegian-American Environments, both in churches and in other venues. This autumn will be particularly exciting with a performance at The Høstfest in Minot.

Norwegian hymns and folk tunes have always been the most important for Tidløs, and the importance of keeping these treasures alive so that future generations can also enjoy them. With a mixture of modern and traditional instruments, and the members’ different musical backgrounds, the result is a very special sound. A timeless sound, where present and past meet. The name Tidløs is based precisely on this, that the hymns have lived a long life and will live on, both in the melodies and not least in the lyrics. When the band are on tour in the USA, they translate some verses into English, precisely so that the audience will understand these beautiful lyrics.

Tidløs consists of 6 members. Martin Wikstøl (vocalist), Tommy Røinås Ingebretsen (guitar), Jørgen Førde (drums), Johan Nøkland Lund (keyboard/piano), Jan Martin Hammersland (bass) and Bjørn- Thore Aastveit (accordion, tin whistle and Irish bouzouki). All members have an education in music, and all are active musicians in congregations and other contexts. On this tour, the band has been very glad to bring Thomas Fagervik on guitar and Jan Morgan Smith as technician.

Tidløs look very much forward to this tour, and to meeting many old friends and getting to know new great people.

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