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Viking Village

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the Viking Village at Norsk Høstfest. Led by Erik Patton and the Viking Age Club, this living history experience brings the spirit of the Norse warriors to life with thrilling Viking battles and games. Rikki Patton, the village’s cook and merchant, offers historical cooking demonstrations that transport you to the culinary traditions of the Viking era. Join craftsmen like Alex Lane and Cole Anderson as they showcase their skills, including axe crafting. Explore the world of textiles with Melba and Alethea Kenny, who use fibers from rare sheep breeds and even dog hair to create woven masterpieces. With historians like Lars Walker and archery displays by Cameron Christian-Weir, the Viking Village promises an immersive journey into the past. Don’t miss the blacksmith’s forge, where ancient metalworking techniques come alive. Get ready to be transported to a bygone era of warriors, craftsmen, and storytellers at Norsk Høstfest’s Viking Village.