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Family Tradition

Norsk Høstfest and the family heritage for the Lind-Hansen families became very special more than 30 years ago.

Judith Lind, From Houston, MN, began sharing her love of tatting (a special lace making craft using a shuttle and thread) to make doilies, jewelry, ornaments and may other pieces of lace.

She demonstrated this craft of tatting for many years in the Heritage Center at Norsk Høstfest, along with many other artisans. Judith taught her daughter Judy and husband, Dave, to tat while living with them for 19 years after her husband, Alvie, died. She also taught three grandsons, a granddaughter-in-law and a few other family members her and in Norway and Sweden.

After several years of “Tatting by Judith” and as Judy’s love for the craft as well as her creativity and expertise grew, Judith wanted to change the name to “Tatting by Judith and Judy”.

Some years after Judith’s son Ben and wife, Linda, became involved with Norsk Høstfest with their Scandia Kicksleds and gift shop.

In 2004, Judith was honored at Norsk Høstfest for her 100th birthday. She died a few months later at age 100 and 9 months.

“Tatting by Judith and Judy” then became “Tatting by Judy”. During the years, Dave and Judy, sons and wives, have been involved and coming to Norsk Høstfest to demonstrate and work in their booth.

Recently, Ben and Linda retired and, their daughter, Kriste and husband Brent (and their 3 children) took over Scandia Kicksleds their business and booth at Norsk Høstfest. Ben and Linda continue to enjoy the Norsk Høstfest experience as well as help in the booth. Karla, a family friend, has also enjoyed Norsk Høstfest and helping in their booth all these years.

Dave, Judy and their family have enjoyed many wonderful friendships over the years from the Norsk Høstfest personnel to host families to seeing old friends and making new friends to entertainers to other artisan in the different halls they have been in.Judy taught Tatting classes in Arizona where they lived for many years; also teaching in their home, at church, at the Vesterheim Museum in Decora, Iowa, and in schools here in Minot during Norsk Høstfest.

Please stop by the “Tatting by Judy” booth and say “Hi” to Dave and Judy, Brian and Tina, Brent and Amy, Craig and Leigh and 4-year-old Jakoby – “The Hansen Family Tatters”.