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Festival Activities

Join the excitement at this year’s Norsk Høstfest with a plethora of engaging activities and unique opportunities! Experience the thrill of a Lutefisk Eating Competition, be captivated by The Bunad Show and the Bunad Parade, and participate in the thrilling Scandi Smorgasbord contest. Don’t miss out on the fun – be a part of the festivities and create lasting memories at the upcoming festival!

Introduced at the last year’s festival, the Bunad Parade offers volunteers and Høstfest guests a unique opportunity to showcase their bunads (traditional folk costumes) or provide costumes for others to model, celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the festival. All folk costumes from Nordic countries are warmly welcomed.

Keep an eye out for further information and details on how to participate in the Bunad Parade, set to weave its way through the Norsk Høstfest Halls.

Vendors enter the Scandi Smorgasbord contest and showcase your culinary prowess! We’re on the lookout for the most creative, authentic, and outstanding dish to be judged at the festival.

Participating vendors will enjoy enhanced visibility, including a banner outside your booth, additional media mentions, and special guest visits throughout the festival. Our distinguished panel of judges, including City of Minot Mayor Tom Ross, Studio 701 host, and a dedicated sponsor representative, will evaluate the delectable entries.

Stay tuned for details on Scandi Smorgasbord applications, opening soon in anticipation of the festival.

Experience the ultimate culinary showdown at the Lutefisk Eating Competition, a highlight of Norsk Høstfest held in Oslo Hall! Contestants from all corners gather to indulge in this traditional Norwegian dish, known for its unique preparation involving lye-soaked fish. Witness contestants push their taste buds to the limit as they vie for the coveted title of Lutefisk Champion. It’s a spectacle of gastronomic bravery, cultural celebration, and a must-see event for those craving a taste of Norway’s culinary traditions. The competition will take place multiple times daily during the festival on the Oslo Hall Stage!

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure at Norsk Høstfest! For our young explorers, there’s a world of Scandinavian wonder waiting with games, discovery, and delightful troll tales. Collect special stamps as you roam this lively festival, and your journey ends with a sweet treat. Meanwhile, adults can dive deep into the rich cultural tapestry of Norsk Høstfest. Explore artisan booths, learn of traditional Nordic cuisine, and even get a taste of traditional Nordic drinks. Collect stamps as you immerse yourself in this vibrant celebration. No matter your age, Norsk Høstfest promises an enriching and exciting experience for all!

Enjoy the festivities and exploration at Norsk Høstfest!

This featured event offers a unique opportunity for festivalgoers to delve into Scandinavian culture through a series of lectures, workshops, and hands-on experiences. Whether you’re interested in history, art, cuisine, or language, this educational program provides a fascinating journey into the heart of the Nordic traditions that inspire the festival.


Stay tuned for this year’s Norsk Høstfest University Activities!

Each day of the festival, one Mystery Viking will be roaming The Great Hall with $100 cash to give out to the first person who locates them!

How do you locate this mysterious seafarer you ask?

Well, your job is to go around The Great Hall and ask people “Hey, Hi, Where ya from?”. Not only is this the way to find our Viking, but also a great way to meet and get to know fellow festivalgoers!