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Charles A. Lindbergh


Charles A. Lindbergh was born in February 4 1902, to Charles August Lindbergh – a Swedish emigrant – and Evengeline Lodge Land Lindbergh.

He captured the hearts and imaginations of American when, in 1927, he flew alone across the Atlantic. Lindbergh and his “Spirit of St. Louis” made the 3,600 mile flight from New York to Paris in 33 ½ hours.

Lindbergh grew up at Little Falls, Minnesota, and in 1924 entered an Army flying school in Texas and became the first airmail pilot between Chicago and St. Louis. He convinced businessmen in St. Louis to back him to win the $25,000 prize for the first solo non-stop New York to Paris flight.

The kidnap-murder of their first child in 1932 turned them to the privacy of life in England and France.

Lindbergh with his author wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, continued to occupy a prominent place in American history. Charles Lindbergh died in 1974.