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Lauraine Snelling

Scandinavian-American Hall of Fame
2012 Inductee

Award-winning and best-selling author Lauraine Snelling has published 80 titles since 1982, among them popular historical fiction series revolving around Norwegian immigration and inspired by her own heritage.

Writing about real issues within a compelling story is a hallmark of Snelling’s style, shown also in her contemporary romance and women’s fiction, which probe issues of forgiveness, loss, domestic violence, and cancer. Norsk Høstfest is a natural venue for Snelling and she has participated for many years in the bookstore there, where her volumes are top sellers.

Fellow author, as well as lecturer and award-winning producer/director Astrid Karlsen Scott introduced Snelling at the banquet. Scott is known internationally for her books and videos on her native Norway, and is president of Nordic Adventures, a company dedicated to the promotion of Norwegian culture. She is also a familiar face at Høstfest book tables.