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Box 1347, Minot, ND 58702
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Final Acts for North Dakota’s Norsk Høstfest Announced

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We look forward to it every year: Norsk Hostfest!!!

What Is It?

If you’ve never heard of it, Hostfest is the largest Scandinavian festival in North America. It’s a pretty big deal.

According to Hostfest’s website, the goal is to preserve Scandinavian culture and raise funds in order to do so.

This will be its 44th year, and it’s taking place in Minot, North Dakota.

What To Expect This Year (2023)

Get ready to shop; at Hostfest, you can get things like Norwegian sweaters and silver jewelry.

I can’t go without mentioning the dining experiences. Try some krumkake, some lefse, or even fiskekaker. How many opportunities do you get to try these foods?

You can also look for handcrafted Norsk merchandise, cultural displays, and music, of course.

I also heard there will be live Viking roleplaying, and I feel like that’s a must-see.


Seven shows will be held in the Great Hall of the Vikings. Hostfest is set to take place from September 27th through the 30th at the North Dakota State Fair Center.

Heads up: Tickets go on sale on Wednesday of next week (May 17th) at 10 am.