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Norsk Høstfest – Community – Culture – History

What do you get when you combine Nordic music, food, art, and history? You get Norsk Høstfest, the largest Scandinavian festival in North America!

Norsk Høstfest is a four-day celebration of the heritage and traditions of the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. It takes place every fall in Minot, North Dakota, a town with a strong Scandinavian influence.

Norsk Høstfest has many atractions, such as:

  • The Great Hall of the Vikings, where you can enjoy world-class entertainment from famous artists and bands
  • The Nordic Kitchen, where you can watch cooking demonstrations and taste authentic Scandinavian dishes
  • The Viking Village, where you can interact with live Viking role-players and learn about their daily lives
  • The Artisans, where you can shop for handmade crafts and jewelry from skilled artisans
  • The Cultural Demonstrations, where you can watch folk music and dance performances, learn about Scandinavian authors, and more

Norsk Høstfest is more than just a festival. It’s a nonprofit organization that supports educational programs and cultural exchanges that preserve and promote Scandinavian culture for future generations. It’s also a fun and family-friendly event that will make you feel like you’re in Scandinavia.