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Endless Reasons to Attend – Norsk Høstfest University and Virtual Reality

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Only 9 days to go until Norsk Høstfest begins! Here are two more reasons to grab some friends and family and attend the festival.

This featured event offers a unique opportunity for festival goers to delve into Scandinavian culture through a series of lectures, workshops, and hands on experiences. Whether you’re interested in history, art, cuisine, or language, this educational program provides a fascinating journey into the heart of the Nordic traditions. Norsk Høstfest University will be in the Norsk Room in the Skien Mezzanine and will take place daily. This year’s university will feature lessons in story writing, rosemaling, woodturning, spoon carving, and even dala horse sticker making!

Transport yourself to the beauty of Scandinavia with immersive virtual reality! Virtual reality is presented by Town and Country Credit Union. Visit their booth at the festival to give this brand-new experience a try!