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Box 1347, Minot, ND 58702
See you in 2023

Endless Reasons to Attend – M&S Enterprises and Mystery Viking


If you’re someone who appreciates local, sustainable, and handmade crafts, you should check out what M&S Enterprises has to offer during your visit at Norsk Høstfest! Since 1982, M&S Enterprises has attended over 1,000 different events showcasing their unique creations made of recycled materials in ND, like driftwood Santa Clause, snowmen made from birchwood, charcuterie boards, hand turned vases/bowls, and now for this year’s festival, gnomes! M&S Enterprises has proudly been a part of Norsk Høstfest for the past 20 years, and their participation isn’t just about showcasing their creations; it’s about connecting with people.

Want a chance to win $100? Make sure to keep an eye out for the Mystery Viking each day of the festival! The Mystery Viking will look like a regular person attending the festival, so he or she could be anyone around you. The first person to say the special phrase of “Hi! Where ya from?” to the Mystery Viking will win the prize of $100 for that day. Make sure to say the special phrase to everyone around you, not only for a chance to win some cash, but to get to know your community of festival goers!