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Authentic Cuisine

Authentic Dishes

Lutefisk, Swedish meatballs or rømmegrøt, you name it, we have it here!

Comfort Food

Simple but delicious eats are at Høstfest, such as Potato Klub or Lefse!

Sweet Treats

Rosettes, Kransekage, Krumkake and more. You will find endless desserts during the festival!

One of the main attractions of the festival is the authentic Scandinavian cuisine that is available for visitors to enjoy. The food offerings at Norsk Høstfest are a reflection of the rich culinary traditions of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

Visitors to Norsk Høstfest can indulge in a wide variety of traditional Scandinavian dishes, such as lefse, krumkake, and fiskekaker. These foods are made using authentic recipes and ingredients, resulting in flavors and textures that are true to their Scandinavian roots. In addition to traditional dishes, visitors can also try modern takes on Scandinavian cuisine, such as Nordic fusion dishes that blend traditional flavors with contemporary cooking techniques.

Indulge in Scandinavian culinary favorites such as Norwegian waffles, Danish aebleskivers, Swedish meatballs, Oofda tacos, and Viking on a Stick or lighter fare like rømmegrøt, lefse and rice pudding. Visit Scandi to try delicious, traditional homemade food prepared by our cheerful chefs from Norway.

The festival’s food offerings are not limited to Scandinavian cuisine, however. Visitors can also find American foods with a Scandinavian twist, such as lutefisk burgers and Viking tacos. These dishes reflect the ways in which Scandinavian culture has influenced American cuisine over the years.

Scandi Kitchen

Come try delicious, traditional homemade food prepared by our cheerful chefs. The amazing dishes that Scandi has to offer include Icelandic baked cod loin dinner and Norwegian fish soup! Scandi is a great place to have breakfast too! From Svele pancakes to Breakfast Wraps, we guarantee you won’t be able to put your fork down.

2023 Scandi Breakfast menu

Svele Pancakes – Served with mixed berries, brown sugar, and sour cream.

Traditional Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage patty or thick cut bacon, and fresh berries.

Breakfast Wrap – A large fresh tortilla filled with eggs, potatoes, cheese, salsa, and your choice of sausage or bacon.

2023 Scandi Dinner menu

Norwegian Fish Soup – Pieces of salmon, cod and vegetables served with a dinner roll.

Norwegian Baked Salmon – Served with sour cream chive sauce, boiled Dakota potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a dinner roll.

Icelandic Baked Cod – Served with boiled Dakota potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a dinner roll.

Norwegian Hand-Rolled Meatballs – Served with brown gravy and cranberry chutney, boiled Dakota potatoes, fresh vegetables, and a dinner roll.

Baroness of beef

The best hot roast beef sandwich at the festival is located in Reykjavik Hall! This Norsk Høstfest booth has been around for years, and is a classic of the festival.

This simple, yet delicious sandwich has roast beef, served open faced on Texas Toast with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy.


The Nordic Kitchen cooking demonstrations at Norsk Høstfest are a popular attraction that offers visitors a chance to experience Scandinavian cuisine in a unique and exciting way. The demonstrations feature professional chefs who are experts in preparing traditional Scandinavian dishes, from smoked salmon to meatballs and everything in between. The chefs share their knowledge and techniques with the audience, offering tips on how to cook and serve the dishes at home. The demonstrations are not just informative but also entertaining, as the chefs are known to engage the audience with their humor and personality.

Visitors to Norsk Høstfest can expect to learn about the unique flavors and ingredients of Scandinavian cuisine while being entertained by the charismatic chefs. The Nordic Kitchen cooking demonstrations are a great way to learn about Scandinavian culture and discover new and exciting dishes to add to your culinary repertoire.

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Previous year’s Chefs

Stig Hansen

Born in Denmark and after 40 years abroad he is now living back in Denmark cooking for international guests at Hotel Randers. Hansen has been helping people across the world explore, discover or rediscover Danish culinary heritage. Learn how to dish up delicious servings of authentic Danish cooking with Old World recipes. He is the author of the award-winning cookbook: Cooking Danish, A taste of Denmark.

Patrice Johnson

Patrice Johnson is a self-described Nordic food geek and meatball historian. From lutfisk to waffles, she loves to spin traditional Nordic recipes into the modern fare. Patrice is the author of Land of 10,000 Plates: Stories and Recipes from Minnesota and Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions. She lives in Roseville, Minnesota with her husband and three rambunctious cats, and teaches Nordic cooking classes throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

Kristi Bissell

Kristi Bissell is the founder of True North Kitchen, a Nordic food blog designed for the American home cook. She enjoys creating recipes that celebrate her Scandinavian heritage and that approach traditional Nordic ingredients in a modern, fresh and approachable way.

Kristi is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. She attended the Institute for the Culinary Arts in Omaha and is a self-taught photographer. She is the food editor for The Norwegian American newspaper and a frequent contributor to Nordstjernan, The Swedish Newspaper of America. Kristi also teaches Scandinavian cooking and baking classes at the Vesterheim Folk Art School and the American Swedish Institute.