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Arctic Norway: Stina Fagertun and Catrine Pedersen

Norwegian stories from the Arctic

Stina Fagertun of Tromsø, Norway, is a performer and a teacher. She has collected ancient, unique fairytales from the three cultures that are part of her heritage:  Sámi, Kven and Arctic Norwegian. Those stories as well as many she has written herself have been published as books and CDs in Norway and America. Stina is the winner of the 2003 Northern Norway Cultural Award and won best storyteller at the 2011 International Storyteller Festival in Oslo. She frequently tours to all corners of the globe from Canada to Scotland to China.

Catrine Pedersen of Oslo has roots in Arctic Norway and she often joins Stina in her travels to do performances and teaching engagements around Norway, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Stina’s slide show on Tromsø and Arctic Norway: