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Jayme Littlewolf is a young man from the White Earth Reservation, who discovered his extraordinary talent for playing the piano. Despite never having formal lessons, Jayme taught himself to play by watching YouTube videos and practicing diligently on a toy piano and later on a basic electronic keyboard.

Jayme’s talent caught the attention of Brad Riggle, a man who heard him play at a hotel lobby and was amazed by his skill. Brad recorded Jayme playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and shared the video on Facebook, which garnered thousands of views and sparked community support.

With donations from the White Earth community, Brad surprised Jayme with a digital baby grand piano, which Jayme eagerly embraced. Since then, Jayme has been practicing tirelessly and recently performed his first recital at a senior living center, impressing the audience with his talent.

Despite his newfound fame, Jayme remains humble and focused on his passion for playing the piano. His parents are proud of his accomplishments, and his talent continues to inspire those around him on the reservation.

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Credit: KARE 11/ Boyd Huppert – Land of 10,000 Stories

Picture Credit: Chad Nelson KARE