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Endless Reasons to Attend – Memories of Home and Sweet Fleece

We’re back with two more amazing reasons to attend the 44th annual Norsk Høstfest! This time we are featuring two vendors that are attending the festival for their FIRST TIME. Read on to learn more about what they’ll be showcasing!

Craving a snack that reminds you of home cooking?

Taste tradition at Memories of Home by Becky where all items are inspired by cherished memories of creating goods with family. Don’t miss out on their pickled spicy asparagus, which adds a tangy twist to your festival experience.

Memories of Home by Becky was established in 2016 in Minot, ND. Becky has a Norwegian heritage and remembers making lefse as a child with her family, so attending Norsk Høstfest will be an exciting venture. She even makes a lot of Norwegian heritage items including rosettes, lefse, krumkake.

Memories of Home by Becky will be featuring her newest product, edible cookie dough (4 flavors), at this year’s festival. They will also have 15 types of jelly and 12 different types of sweet breads. On the savory side, there will be canned pickles, asparagus, beans, and pickled eggs.

Pickled eggs are a MUST try as they are Becky’s bestselling product. Other popular items are the rhubarb strawberry jam, chokecherry jelly, lemon raspberry bread, and rhubarb bread.

Explore Memories of Home by Becky and indulge in the delightful flavors of her creations.

Taste the sweet flavors of cotton candy like never before with Sweet Fleece, a vendor specializing in handmade gourmet cotton candy. With an array of amazing flavors to choose from, their sweet creations are a delightful treat for festival goers of all ages.

Sweet Fleece is run by Sam, a 16-year-old with the basic farmer “can do anything” attitude from Mohall, ND. The forbidden wool of the sheep on a farm as a kid is what inspired the name, Sweet Fleece. Everything about the company comes from being raised in rural North Dakota on the farm.

Visit Sweet Fleece to satisfy your sugar cravings and enjoy the fluffy goodness. There are 32 amazing flavors of handmade, gourmet cotton candy to choose from! There might even be some new, unique flavors featured at the festival this fall.

Sam’s favorite flavor is root beer/root beer float. Fruit flavors are popular among kids. Sugar free cotton candy is even an option! Zero carb recognition – Sam makes these orders custom on site.