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Endless Reasons to Attend – Big Lost Meadery & Sannes Coffee Co

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Big Lost Meadery will be serving delicious mead cocktails at their booth in Oslo Hall. Guests can embrace the culture by drinking the mead cocktails out of Viking horns, which will be available to purchase so you can bring a piece of the festival home with you! Mead samples will also be available so you can savor new flavors while listening to captivating stories of history.

Sam Clikeman, owner of Big Lost Meadery, had to overcome many challenges since his first successful attempt at brewing beer in 2007 despite many obstacles he faced. Sam took a huge risk when deciding to brew mead in 2009, but the results were fantastic, and that success has motivated him to continue brewing and expand his business ideas until 2014 when Big Lost Meadery was born!

Coffee is more than just a drink in Norway, it’s an appreciative experience. Family-owned Sannes Coffee Co invites you to experience your favorite morning pick-me-up with their authentic Norwegian coffee selections that are roasted in small batches, using quality ingredients, and offered right here in the U.S.A. What distinguishes Norwegian coffee is not only the lightness of its roast, but also the long duration of the roast to create a natural, crisp coffee flavor that stands out from the rest. Find the brew for you by taking advantage of the 3 featured roasts available to sample, including their light roast named Frokost, their medium roast named Koselig, and their dark roast named Marka. Decaf and K-cup options will be available for purchase as well!