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Endless Reasons to Attend – Pole Lathe Turning & Larsen Hardanger Fiddles

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Witness firsthand the process of traditional Nordic craftmanship by David Susage, master of pole lathe turning. David’s expertise in the traditional craft of pole lathe turning allows him to create beautiful turned wooden objects with the goal of replicating items you would see 1,000 years ago in the Viking age. Visit David’s booth to observe his demonstrations and discover the unique creations he has to offer!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the Hardanger fiddle, known as the “national instrument of Norway”, exquisitely crafted by none other than experienced artisan Robert “Bud” Larsen. Not only will you be able to learn about the complex, fascinating process of crafting these beautifully decorated fiddles, but you can also see the oldest Hardinger fiddle in existence, built in 1621 and placed on display at Bud’s artisan booth! This fiddle will be proudly displayed at Bud’s booth and will later be relocated to be played at this year’s festival, enhancing your cultural and historical experience.