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Box 1347, Minot, ND 58702
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Endless Reasons to Attend – Viking Village & Nordic Start North Dancers

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Are you ready to step back in time and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Vikings? In Viking Village, history will come alive through demonstrations, workshops, and captivating displays of traditional craftsmanship. Interact with the highly skilled and knowledgeable actors dressed in authentic Viking costumes, observe their daily routines, and feel free to ask questions about Viking history!

One of the most entertaining and meaningful ways of keeping cultural heritage alive is through the art of dance. The North Star Nordic Dancers are dedicated to preserving and expressing Nordic culture by performing village dances from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark while dressed in traditional folk costumes. These performances are elevated by live music played with instruments like the fiddle, guitar, nyckelharpa (a Swedish key fiddle), hardingfele (a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle), and the mouth harp. Prepare to be mesmerized by the variety of dance styles performed, ranging from smooth and graceful to springy and energetic, all featuring lots of turning and precise footwork!