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wednesday, september 25th | 7:00pm

In 2010, amidst the sunny shores of Honolulu, Jay Ernest established the Church of Cash. Drawing from his extensive experience touring across the United States, Europe, and Asia, Jay has now returned to his Minnesota roots, driven to spread the gospel of one of the world’s most influential and timeless songwriters.

The Church of Cash remains steadfast in their devotion to the music of Johnny Cash. Led by Jay’s resounding baritone voice, their performances echo the gentle breeze of the prairie and resonate with the commanding stomp of a boot heel. Far from being a typical country band, the Church of Cash stands as a tribute band with a clear mission: to honor the lasting legacy of Johnny Cash. They have traversed the roads, tested their mettle, and stand ever-ready to celebrate the very soul of American music.

Whether you are a seasoned individual who grew up listening to Mr. Cash in the seat of your tractor or a young soldier navigating the deserts of the Middle East with the Man in Black’s melodies in your headphones, the Church of Cash promises to deliver his music to fans everywhere, infused with their own unique style and vibrant energy.

What sets the Church of Cash apart from the rest is their unwavering loyalty to the songs and the messages that Johnny left behind for all of us. With a youthful spirit, they breathe life into his words, ensuring that audiences are entertained and captivated by his enduring legacy.